WoT: New weaponry

Yesterday evening I finally had enough xp earned on my KV-4 and T1 HT both to upgrade their guns. Well, more accurately on the T1 HT I had enough to upgrade the turret, which enabled me to equip the previously researched gun. I have managed to play a game on each tank tonight, and it has really brought home just how differently a tank can play with a top-tier gun.

This was perhaps most obvious with the KV-4, in a Tier IX battle (though only two Tier IXs per side). Although I killed nothing, I did two thousand points of damage from 7 hits – 6 of which penetrated. In the gun I was using I would, charitably, have expected perhaps half the number of penetrations (all but one of my shots was against a Tier VIII tank). The new gun, while its alpha damage is slightly less than the previous one, has far more penetration (an average of 227 compared with 175) and also fires ever so slightly quicker. All in all this means it applies the damage far more effectively.

The T1 HT upgrade also felt its worth tonight when I managed to kill an enemy KV-1S in the enemy base circle before he could hit someone else on my team (and probably either securing the win for his team, or at the least causing a draw). Again this new gun as higher penetration. It also does marginally more damage and is noticeably faster firing. All in all an essential upgrade.

On both tanks I have yet to upgrade engines, and on the KV-4 I still have tracks and turret to research too, so there is still plenty to do before these tanks are in their final configuration. In the meantime, I am hopeful that both shall henceforth be dishing out rather more damage in the future – and if tonight’s games were anything to go by they shall!


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