WoT: Sauntering with the Cruiser Mk I

Something about the Cruiser Mk I disappoints me, and I think ultimately it comes down to speed. Even with the upgraded engine there is a sluggishness to it. Also, I find it quite strange when a stock-gun performs just as well as the upgraded gun. Given the light armour on this tank I would have expected better speed or agility.

This tank is not without its strong points however. Its weaponry is very impressive, and there is a truly wonderful 15 degrees of gun depression which makes it a very good tank for sneaking up over a rise. Indeed, combined with the poor armour and good firepower this makes me play this far more like a tank destroyer than a light tank. I only played a handful of games, but it was a tactic I was generally successful using.

Ultimately given I played them very close together I am going to compare this gun to the Cruiser Mk III, and in comparison it does come out poorer. It is really just a matter of speed and agility that i mentioned at the beginning. The only other difference is the stock gun, as the other gun this tank uses is the same 40mm Pom Pom the Cruiser Mk III uses.

My final tally in this tank was four battles played with one victory, and a total of nine kills. Although I had a bit of bad luck with the victories I was certainly able to kill stuff. I will not be seeking to retain it.

NB: Some names in this post have been amended to reflec the new names of the 8.2 update


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