WoT: Enjoying the Cruiser Mk III

I was rather uncertain of the Cruiser Mk III (originally known as the A13 Mk I before the 8.2 update) when I first climbed into it. I did however have quite a bit of gametime in this tank as the succession of radios meant it took me a while to move onto the next tank. Play with this tank improved dramatically once I unlocked the main guns. You should never judge a tank in World of Tanks by its unresearched or partially researched versions.

In short this is a fast, though not always especially agile, tank that has an excellent upgraded turret and truly marvellous gun-depression. This makes hull-down tactics very successful. As a Tier II tank it only sees a limited number of maps, but one map it truly excels on is Province.

There are two good guns for this tank, but I have chosen to play with the 40mm Pom Pom. This has a four shot magazine and then a lengthy reload. Those four shots though can make another tank’s day end very quickly – especially at close range. The speed of the vehicle enables one to duck away to safety while the reload occurs. The downside is that it is not the most accurate gun, which makes longer-range sniping difficult. It should, however, have little trouble in chewing through any tanks which it will ordinarily encounter.

Overall this is a very strong candidate to be the tank I select to be retained from my Tier II project. My current tally with this tank is 23 matches played, with 13 victories and 31 enemy tanks destroyed.

NB: This post has been updated to reflect new naming conventions in the 8.2 update

  1. mrrx said:

    I am thinking I will keep either this tank, or its Tier 3 brother. But since I’m not sure which one to keep, I’m keeping both for the moment. Plenty of crew grinding either way, with neither tank over 60% crew skill.

    • stnylan said:

      When it comes to deciding which Tier III light/medium to keep, the Luchs is a tough one to beat I think. Albeit I haven’t played the Luchs much recently, but I am looking foward to giving it a work-out again 🙂

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