WoT (EU): Toburk Relieved Special

The EU server special offer this weekend is based around the Relief of Tobruk, which took place in late November 1941. Somewhat unusually for these historically themed offers is that only tanks of one nation is included – Britain. Reading between the lines this may be a response to the hostility of the Operation Crusader special which did not include any actual British tanks. There are also, however, some other elements of the offer which will cater to all. The offer runs from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

So onto the British tanks involved – there is a 50% discount and doubled credit earnings for the Covenanter, the Valentine Mk III, and the regular Matilda. These are all Tier IV tanks, with the first two being light tanks and the Matilda being a medium tank. I will not be able to profit from this offer as I have not advanced beyond Tier II in the British tree and I do not believe I will be able to rush through one of the Tier IIIs this weekend. I do know that the Valentine LL and Matilda LL are really quite enjoyable tanks to play if one enjoys the “slower, heavily-armoured” playstyle, and while these regular counterparts will be not exact copies I am sure there is some similarity.

For everyone who gets the Top Gun Battle Honour there will also be a ten thousand credit bonus. This is quite a fun, quirky element to the offer and I hope other Battle Honours get similar bonuses in the future. In addition we get a 50% discount on garage slots, which will sell therefore for 150 gold as opposed to 300 gold. For those who wish to expend their garages this is therefore a good time. Myself I have no need to right now. There is also a 50% discount on credit consumables. I believe I am good for consumables right now, though I will double-check.

Finally the part of the offer that has me most excited: double crew experience for each battle. I will definitely get some battles in on my Marder II to take advantage of this – it will be a long-climb to progress their third skill so time to make a serious effort.

On balance this looks to be a very solid offer. While I am sure most people who have been interested in British tanks have probably already reached the Tier IV tanks (if not blown past them) the earnings bonus is good and should create some interest. The doubled crew experience will benefit everyone and will be particularly well received amongst more veteran players, and finally the discount on credit consumables and garage slots is another good universal offer.

NB: Some names in this post were amended to reflect the changed tank names in the 8.2 update


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