WoT: The Hardy Hotchkiss H35

In a sense the Hotchkiss H35 is a tank I am already somewhat familiar with – this is because I have the Pz 38H 735f in my garage, based off the captured German version of this Tier II French light. Having faced it often enough on the battlefield I was expecting a generally slow moving tank, fairly well armoured, and with a reasonable (though not spectacular) weaponry.

More or less this is what I got. Certainly the Hotchkiss H35 is going to win no races, and for its tier it is also pretty well armoured. Especially against the non-TD opponents it can shrug off alot of shells. Against Tier III enemies and the tank-destroyers it requires more careful handling, as it is very easy to become stranded and destroyed. The damage is fairly anaemic – the only positive being the gun fires fast.

Ultimately this tank is too similar to the Pz 38H 735f for me to want to keep it – and indeed once I elited it after four battles I had absolutely no further desire to play. During that time I had two victories and two defeats, with four enemy kills. Three of those were in the final battle once I had upgraded everything – and I think this is one of those tanks which really does need to be upgraded to be appreciated. While I am not keeping it I could see this tank being a delight for someone in low Tier battles, presuming of course they enjoyed the slower, more heavily-armoured playstyle.


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