WoT: Terrifying with the T18

If there is a Tier II Tank Destoyer I hate facing more than any other – especially if I am in my Pz 38H 735f – it is the American T18. Its HE gun can ruin the match for any Tier II or III tank, while its frontal armour can be very difficult for other Tier II regular tanks to penetrate. To top it all off, it is fairly speedy and agile. Therefore I was looking forward to playing the T18 in my Tier II project, and I was not disappointed.

Actually I played a little with both top-tier guns. The AP gun has a very high rate of fire, reasonable penetration for its tier, though below average damage. The rate of fire though makes up for that. However, by forcing one to be exposed for longer I think this gun makes one more vulnerable. Far better to sneak out, unload a HE shell, and duck back behind cover.

The T18 does have very respectable frontal armour, which is able to bounce a lot of Tier II shots. The gun arc is also pretty reasonable which even allows one some slight angling. However, it is unwise to depend entirely on the front armour, and the and rear armour is nothing special. The trick is to use one’s speed and agility to try to keep all enemies forward, and blast them to smithereens.

I’ve ended up playing just five battles in the T18 – all of them victories, and destroyed 13 enemy tanks along the way. Not a bad taste of what this little monster is capable of. The point of the Tier II project is to find another Tier II tank for me to retain and play regularly, as well as just conducting a tour of the Tier II tanks. I have said I do not want to keep a tank destroyer, and I stick by that – but this tank has tempted me greatly. Instead I will sell it on to more fully explore the American TD line.

  1. mrrx said:

    I hate facing those things. That’s probably indicative that it’s a good tank.

    I kept my SU-76 instead of selling it for a very-low-tier tank destroyer, and thus did not keep the T18. I played a mere three battles with it so never got a real taste of what it was capable of.

    • stnylan said:

      I think that is a fine principle to go on – if you hate coming up against a tank it means its a pretty good tank.

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