WoT/LOTRO: China delayed, Rohan instances split

So Wargaming have announced they are delaying the advent of the Chinese tech tree from the 8.2 update to presumably the 8.3 update (probably in the new year). The stated reason is having analysed the statistical data they believe the tanks need more work than the timing for the 8.2 update allows. Gank also suggests it is because the tanks are not distinct enough so it almost entirely feels like playing Russian tanks (watch his video where he discusses this).

This certainly makes the 8.2 update feel a bit lighter. The new American line of tanks stays in, and four old maps get the new rendering, plus the usual load of bugfixes and performance enhancements. We also get three new premium tanks.

Generally speaking I applaud whenever a developer makes the decision to delay an update or an item of an update rather than release incomplete content. So bravo to Wargaming for doing that – also bravo to Turbine who have also had to announce a content delay. The Rohan instance cluster, the entirety of which they were going to release before Christmas, has been partially delayed.

Of course, the entire Rohan expansion was delayed for several weeks whilst they worked on getting mounted combat to a decent situation. No doubt this ultimately is responsible for the delay to the instance cluster. In Update 9, which should be before Christmas, we will get three 3-man instances with the rest (a 6-man and 3 12-man single bosses) coming sometime after Christmas.

Ultimately this does not impact me overmuch – although I have taken part in dungeon runs it is not my primary activity in LOTRO. Nevertheless I am glad to see Turbine not rushing out content in an un-releaseable state just because of a release date.


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