WoT: Five things to work on

I have been playing World of Tanks now for over seven months. In that time I have played over 3300 matches – which sounds like a lot but in reality is not all that much. Certainly time to have an assessment of where I think I am as a player.

Overall I like to think of myself as “above average” though I am hesitant yet to use the term “good”. I still think I make too many silly mistakes, some of which I will talk about below. The metrics do give me some comfort – my win rate is around 54% and my efficiency is around 1170. My kills per battle are solidly over 1, which is quite satisfying. My damage/battle is around 470/battle is a little on the low side. One has to remember that a very large portion of my battles are in lower-tier tanks (my average tier being just over 4.1). If I score 470 damage in my Marder II over several shots that can easily equate to 2-4 kills, whereas on my KV-5 it might only be one or two shots and no kills.

I do not know how common my career path in World of Tanks is. I have the impression – no actual evidence – that most folks with a similar number of battles to me by now would have gotten into a Tier IX or X tank by now. Regardless it should be remembered I have only played around 150 battles with Tier VIII tanks – and most of those are in my KV-5 which has preferential matchmaking (no Tier X, and usually only 1-3 Tier IX). My exposure of the highest tiers is very limited therefore to a few games in my KV-2 and KV-3 before the matchmaking change, and now in the KV-4.

With that said, here are the aspects of my gameplay which I think need to be worked on.

1. Recklessness

Sometimes I get an urge to try to force something in a match. Now and then this works, if I can inspire a few team-mates to also make a decent attach. More often it means I die quicker to the detriment of my team. There is a fine line between being a camper who hangs back and is of no use whatsoever, and someone being patient waiting for the best moment. It is similar to the line between being aggressive and being reckless – all too often I find myself erring into recklessness to avoid being overly passive. One reason why I get along with the KV line of heavy tanks is, I think, because being slow it is not so easy to get oneself into a position to do something stupidly reckless (though not impossible).

2. Tunnel-vision

This is more of a problem on sniping tanks and occurs when I am zoomed-in on sniping mode and concentrating so much on one thing I do not notice that enemy tank in my rear-view mirror (as it were).  In this I am slightly battling against myself – I have a tendency to exclusively concentrate on one “thing” to the exclusion of all else.

3. Using the shift-key

This is a rider on the previous point. In artillery mode the shift-key switches between ordinary view and strategic view (to enable one to aim). In other tanks the shift-key switches between sniper (zoomed-in) mode and ordinary mode. Usually I zoom in and out using the mouse wheel, but if I could get the hang of using the shift-key it would save a vital second or so of scrolling.

4. Movement

A further corollary to point 2 (and also to point 1) is I need to get better at re-positioning myself after taking a shot or two. Too often I wait just too long to get off a second (or third) shot and then suffer from incoming fire, whereas if I had moved slightly – either moving behind cover when facing direct fire or just in a different place against artillery – I would stay alive longer. Of course sometimes one should accept the damage as a justified trade-off to destroying an enemy vehicle, but only sometimes. Again, I do this too often.

5. Higher-tier weak spots

On the whole I am still not familiar with them. I have a fair idea of most weak spots up to Tier VI. Not a perfect knowledge, but on the whole I am able to cause damage when the opportunity presents (if I hit). My knowledge with Tier VII and VIII tanks is not as good, but is “ok” most of the time – though Tier VIII is weaker than Tier VII. My knowledge of Tier IX and X tanks is seriously lacking. Mostly this is a result of the few games I have played facing higher tier tanks, but as I start to play more games regularly against the higher tiers this is clearly something I am going to have to work on if I wish to continue to be successful.

So overall there is certainly plenty of stuff to be working on.


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