WoT: The Medium Mk I is a lie

The Medium Mark I is the British Tier I tank, and it is lying in its very name. It is classed as a medium tank, but in every practical  World of Tanks way, it is not. In reality this tank dates from the 1920s, and is an early tank in the “infantry” tank concept. In time the infantry tank concept called for more heavily armoured vehicles along the line of the more iconic British tanks (such as the Matilda). This tank however was not really expected to encounter much heavy weaponry. It’s tissue thin armour – the weakest of all Tier Is – can be penetrated by everything. It is also slow and large, making it an easy target.

I am probably making it sound like a terrible tank – and if one tries to play it like a regular tank then one is going to be quickly disappointed. This tank does have one advantage up its sleeve: its gun. The top-gun is the best available to Tier I tanks in terms of penetration and damage. It’s accuracy is admittedly poor, but it can take down opposing tanks in just one shot (if slightly damaged) or two shots (if not). One has to take advantage of it.

When I first played this tank, shortly after the 8.1 update and the introduction of British tanks, I was struggling. Then I had a revelation, and I started to play it as a tank destroyer. Immediately things started to turn around. It took me four games to realise this is a better way of playing it – embarrassingly long considering I have nearly 800 matches in one particular tank-destroyer that also has a very good gun for its tier but is also really fragile and presents a quite sizeable silhouette (ie, my Marder II).

One has to pick one’s spot for the battle – and remember that you are slow and vulnerable on the move. Do not be too aggressive. Get to your spot – which should have some hard cover – and then do as much damage as you can.

Having played six games on this I am now moving on. I took to the field with only a 50% crew (instead of my usual 75) and doubtless that also had a degrading impact on my performance. I ended up with a tied 3-3 record and two kills. Both kills occurred in my last two games. Five games were played just after 8.1 release – and one was played just before I wrote this article.


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