WoT (EU): Great Hunt Special Offer and Contest

The special offer on the EU server this weekend is tied in with a contest. Essentially they are taking all the tanks named after wild animals and giving them a 30% bonus to earnings. That is the special offer element. These tanks then form the “prey” component of the contest – the goal of which is to kill as many “prey” as possible in a “hunter” vehicle – essentially every vehicle not included in the special offer.

The “prey” vehicles are Sturmpanzer I Bison, Wespe, Grille, Hummel, GW Panther, M22 Locust, Luchs, VK1602 Leopard, Panzer V Panther, Panzer VI Tiger, Panzer VI Tiger P, Marder II, Jagdpanther, and M10 Wolverine.

In truth this is not every vehicle named after a wild animal – any vehicles Tier VIII and above are not included amongst the “prey” and form part of the hunting pack.

I currently have the Hummel, Luchs, VK1602 Leopard, and Marder II in my garage. I play the Marder II nearly every day that I manage to play, and would expect to get some battles in with it. I will also try to do some with the Hummel. If the “prey” tanks had also been available to acquire at a discount I may have bought a Tiger P, but they are not so I will let that be for the time being.

What do I think of this concept of mixing a contest and a special offer? Well, as a “now and then” thing I have to say I rather like it. Certainly in this implementation there appear to be a wide array of tanks involved – which should mean plenty of targets for the hunters. Whether the credit bonus is big enough for the prey remains to be seen – because in theory one will become a high priority target which might make for a very short lifespan on the battlefield (an effect that should be lessened for artillery as they tend to be in the rear). I say in theory because I am in some doubt how many people actually bother to pay attention to competitions.

That leads me to my one slightly negative comment of this idea of merging the offer and contest – it “looks” quite complicated. In reality it is not – if you want to ignore the contest there is simply the above list of vehicles with 30% earnings. Standing by itself it is a pretty reasonable offer – a credit bonus across so many vehicles. I do think Wargaming do a good job in trying to make it obvious what the special is and what the contest is – I just have a fairly well-developed sense of how amazingly effective folk can be at mis-understanding things (I include myself in this).


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