WoT: Five new tanks

Over the last couple of weeks I have started to play five new tanks: the KV-1S, VK3001H, the T-34, T1 HT, and finally the KV-4. It has been quite interesting climbing into so many new tanks in such a relatively short period of time, and below are my very initial thoughts on each of them. None are fully upgraded as yet.

To begin with the KV-1S – this doesn not play (so far) like a traditional KV. Traditional KVs are slow and heavy, and well-armoured. This tank is noticeably nippier, and more vulnerable.  Given that this is of course the lead in tank the IS line it makes perfect sense it should start to be a more agile vehicle, and therefore it is going to be a good opportunity to train to become used to a more agile form of heavy tank. I haven’t managed to kill very much with it yet either. Hopefully that will change.

The T1 HT is another more agile sort of heavy. Indeed one can make an argument that the T1 HT is more of an over-sized medium with strong frontal armour than a heavy. I know from opposing it often enough that the sides of the T1 HT might as well be made out of tin-foil. It also feels like a very large tank – larger than the KV-1 for example. That said, I also know from facing it there is quite a bit of gun depression making hiding the hull a very viable option. My initial matches have been positive – though I have yet to be in a Tier VII match – and pretty much follows the above. Keep the enemy in front and support the brawlers from mid-range, or snipe from longer ranges behind cover.

The T-34 has so proven to be a very all-round kind of tank. It is difficult to know exactly what to make of it thus far – but then I am still not using the best gun. I have not had any matches that particularly shine or particular stink. All of which is a long-winded way of saying I do not yet know really what to think about it 🙂 .

With the VK3001H I have had a run of bad luck at the start – culminating in a streak of four or five losses. Some of those were due to me being rather silly. No doubt currently it is a tricky tank to play as I cannot use the main gun. The initial weapon is just not very effective against higher tier opponents – and most of the matches I have played have been higher tier matches. It feels an agile tank however, and I hope to be able to use it as a flanker in due course.

Finally we come to the KV-4. I already had the penultimate gun pre-researched – for which I am very thankful because otherwise the initial few games in this tank would be very challenging. The tank currently is especially slow, which is not something I mind but is something that one has to plan around. Despite the frustrations in some Tier X matches, in Tier VIII matches I am finding already – only partially upgraded – this tank has massive potential. Indeed, I had an excellent match a couple of nights ago with three kills, three more damaged, a sniper medal, and earning the First Class award for the KV-4. It is just the sort of battle that can “sell” a tank to you, especially if it occurs in the first few matches. It does have the ability to soak up a large number of shells too – I have not yet actually won a Steel Wall, but it feels like I might well earn one soon.

  1. Gank said:

    The T1 is one of the worst tanks in the game. Even when played ‘right’ it suffers from bad penetration, poor armor, and a very large sillouette. It holds the distinction of having the lowest win percentage of any tank in my garage and stats from some time ago showed it was one of the worst tanks in the game.

    The M6 is a huge improvement, though not spectacular you can do well with it if you play cleverly.

    The KV-1S is the go-to tanks of people running medium company battles and though I haven’t played it, I know it’s a good tank in the right hands.

    • stnylan said:

      The KV-1S certainly seems to have a “flavour-of-the-month” feel from what I have read about it.

      The strange thing about the T1 HT is that I do not seem to come across as much hate for it as I do the VK3001P, M3 Lee, or AMX 40. It just seems to sit there, forgotten. Yet I agree, it has tin-foil for side/rear armour and is a very easy target to hit. The gun – well I am getting used to playing with relatively underpowered guns (KV-5) so that does not seem as much an issue. I wonder if perhaps so many people loathe the fixed mounting of the gun on the M3 Lee that, when they get back into the turretted T1 HT, they are so overjoyed it makes the tank feel less annoying than it actually is. Or something.

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