WoT: Welcome to the big leagues

Recently I started playing my KV-4, my tier VIII Soviet Heavy tank. This has meant I now get put in Tier X battles, because although the KV-5 is also a Tier VIII tank it only sees tanks up to Tier IX. This is not actually the first time I have been in Tier X battles – I played a few in my KV-2 and KV-3 before the matchmaking change that took place a few updates ago – but this is the first time I have done so since then.

I just played a quite enjoyable game on the KV-4, but it serves as a very useful lesson of what Tier X battles might mean until I get things upgraded. The highlights: I got a Sniper Battle Honour. The downside: I did a grand total of 0 damage, each shot bouncing off a Tier IX and Tier X tanks. It was on a standard Erlenburg map, and I ended up sniping at a distance (along with two Löwe) at three or four enemy tanks. Too long a range for the gun I had to do anything. I also got destroyed – with the end result I lost 15k credits on the match (negative credit matches start to happen regularly at Tiers VI-VIII depending on how you play and whether or not you have a premium account).

Now to be fair I have had some successful games at Tiers VIII and IX. Nevertheless I think this was a useful introduction (if pleasant given we won and I go the Sniper medal) to the reality of playing with the big boys is going to be.

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