WoT (EU): Operation Crusader Special

The special offer this weekend is named after Operation Crusader, a British operation in the North African campaign that liberated Tobruk and was the first time Rommel was defeated in Africa. It runs from Saturday morning until Tuesday morning. On the one hand this offer is fairly solid, but on the other it is something of a travesty, as I will explain.

Firstly there is a triple XP bonus on the first victory of each vehicle. This is always a nice aspect. Secondly regular consumables are at a 50% discount. I will be stocking up on my small repair kits, small first aid kits, and manual fire extinguishers.

We then have a 50% discount and 50% credit earning bonus on the following tanks: the M3 Lee, M3 Stuart, M7 Priest, Panzer III, Panzer IV, and Stug III. I will most likely be benefiting from the credit bonus to the Panzer IV, though I may try to squeeze a Panzer III game or two in. I may just also decide to acquire the M7 Priest, but I do think it is unlikely. However, now onto the travesty.

Think about those tanks a moment. A special, named after a British operation, with British tanks only recently introduced into the game, has no British tanks included. Ignoring the name of the special this is a good solid offer – there is a nice selection of vehicles (including some that even long-term players aer likely to retain) and the consumables offer should appeal to everyone. Context does matter though, and for most historically minded players (and a fair few of the World of Tanks playerbase are historically minded) this leaves a rather sour taste in the mouth.

I suspect this offer was decided and finalised before the British launch had been finalised. While some might potentially see this as an example of Wargaming’s anti-British bias I personally think it is wrong to attribute to malice what simple corporate “left-hand doesn’t know what the right-foot is doing” reasons can more than adequately explain. I do think someone should have seen the furore this is starting to generate. Also, it does not how up their historical research in a very good light. For that reason I have to rate this offer down a bit. Ignoring the name this would be a solid B+, but as it is all the way down to C.


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