WoT: Sometimes the dice are against you

There is an element of randomness in most games, and World of Tanks is no exception. In particular, you cannot control where in the aiming circle the shell you fire will go – you just have to play the odds and know it is more likely to go near the centre than the edge. Sometimes these little random calculations can be the difference between a good and poor game – but it is something at least one has some element of control over. You can act in ways that increase or decrease the odds.

The other massive random element is the quality of one’s team-mates in random matches. Sometimes you are blessed with excellent team-mates all having a really good game. Sometimes you are cursed with team-mates who are all having a terrible game, or who are just terrible. I have been having a bit of a run of this lately. Essentially, you know you are in trouble when you score more than everyone else on your team, and more than all but four people on the opposing team that has just won – especially notable because they get a 50% bonus for experience.

I have just had a game that was a case in point of this, look at the below screenshot of the after battle report – teams sorted by experience gained.

So I was playing my Soviet Lend-Lease Matilda – and the map was Sand River on Encounter mode. Now the Lend-Lease Matilda is a very capable little tank with good armour for its tier (except to the rear hull where it is more average) and a quick-firing gun. The armament does lack some penetrating power, but makes up for it with rate of fire. In that regard it plays a little like the KV-5.

In this particular match I helped stop three heavy tanks – a T1 HT, BDR G1B, and KV-1 in their tracks (and got killing blow on all three) as well as soloing a M3 Lee. I also damaged a Dicker Max which eventually took me out – but I would have died very soon anyway as my position had just become utterly untenable due to being flanked. All I can say however is there is no real reason I should have done as much damage as I did to the T1 HT and KV-1. The people around me – well, one as the KV-1 at the bottom of the heap which didn’t actually fire a single shot. Frustrating, but sometimes that is the way it goes. Actually, although losing because one’s team-mates were largely being useless is frustrating I actually had a really enjoyable game. There is something really nice about holding up a large portion of the opposing team, even if it is ultimately futile.

As I say, the last few days have been a bit like this. At some point the dice will roll in my favour once again. Just hopefully not too much longer 🙂 .

  1. Gank said:

    That is the worst team I’ve ever seen (except for your performance of course). Wow, that’s really, really bad.

    • stnylan said:

      Well to be fair, it is not absolutely the worst team I have ever seen – been on the wrong side of a few 15-3 matches and so on – but it is pretty bad.

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