WoT: More detail on 8.2

There are now a few more details available regarding the forthcoming 8.2 update, in addition to the launch of Chinese vehicles.

Firstly, there is an addition to the American tech-tree. The M7 MT will no longer lead onto the rest of the current mediums via the XXXX. Instead it will open up a new line consisting of the T21 (light Tier VI), T91 (Light Tier VII), T69 (Medium Tier VIII), T54 (Meduim Tier IX), and T57 (Heavy Tier X). This feels like another calculated marketing decision – in an update which is being sold as the Chinese expansion, through in a few tanks for the Western (and especially American) audience. There are also three new premium tanks being added.

Four more maps are going to be reworked for the new rendering system – a process which has been ongoing since the 8.0 update. The upgraded maps will be Prokorovoka, Redshire, Erlenburg, and Ruinberg.

We get some further interesting details from a post over at Overlord’s blog. Here we learn that the tech tree is going to be modified slightly – I think in line with some feedback Wargaming have received. There is also further work optimising the client and the new graphics. There are some tweaks with the physics – and a wonderful hint they have reduced how bouncy railway tracks are!

Most interestingly though there is the following line: “fallen trees will now impact visibility system.”

Currently fallen trees are purely cosmetic – they do nothing for camouflage or anything else. However, if they are now going to be able to act as a form of cover such as bushes the like, well, some real opportunities open up. Without knowing exactly how this will work, the mind suggests purposefully knocking down some trees to create new places to hide and the like. Really this one little sentence has got me all excited.

Finally damaged modules are meant to get a repair speed indicator – meaning we will now know how long the tracks will be blown off or the turret will not turn before having to spend a precious small repair kit. Another relatively minor change that I think has the potential to have a great impact on the game – at least for the players who take advantage of it.

So, an expansion who main marketing thrust is the addition of the Chinese tanks actually has a little more under the bonnet than originally meets the eye. Very interesting indeed.


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