WoT: Final Report on KV-3 and VK3001P

During the Golden Joystick special offer I sold off my KV-3 and VK3001P. In truth it has been some time since I regularly played the KV-3. Therefore some of the memories of the KV-3 are a bit hazy. In retrospect though I think this is in itself indicative of something about the tank: it is a solid well-performing tank, but it is not exceptional and it does not have some characteristic (good or bad) that helps make it stand out.

The KV-3 falls squarely into the category if being heavily armoured, but correspondingly slower. It can take a fair bit of punishment but always feels a bit sluggish even with the upgraded tracks and engines. Once the tracks and engines become damaged and/or the driver is injured movement becomes almost painful. Being stranded in an open field is a very real danger, and something to avoid risking if at all possible. On the other hand, in close-in combat this tank is often able to push forward while taking damage or bouncing shots while other, more vulnerable tanks, provide firepower from behind. It also is a fairly decent ramming tank, and with the new physics there are some wonderful new opportunities for ramming. The fully upgraded gun is very reasonable, and should be effective against higher Tier tanks with a bit of sensible aiming.

Ultimately I leave the KV-3 with some memories of good matches. My stats on it are; 151 matches played including 85 victories, and 155 enemy tanks destroyed. I have earned 1 Defender, 2 Sniper, 4 Steel Wall, and 2 Top Gun battle honours on it. However, I never managed to get the Ace Tanker mastery medal, having to content myself with First Class.

With the VK3001P my experience is much more recent, given that I have only recently elited it. It is not the most versatile tank in the game, but what it does it can do very well indeed. I think much of the dislike that many players seem to harbour for it is the stock tank is indeed generally poor and because they ignore what this tank actually can do. Generally speaking what this tank cannot do is brawl very well in a city, especially against tanks above tier. It is just a recipe for a quick death. Instead this tank as a decent sniping gun and a fair turn of speed. The best games I have had in the VK3001P have been where I have managed to use the speed to exploit an opposing team’s mistake, fire flanking shots into the sides of their mediums and heavies, while dodging out of the way when I started to attract attention.

It is useful to try to be forward facing to the enemy at all times, because the side and rear armour of this tank are very weak – this is one of the factors that make close-in fighting very dangerous. However, the front armour is fairly decent and with some sensible angling can mean one can face up to heavy tanks (for a time at least). I played a memorable game in Abbey going down the eastern road where I came face-to-face with a KV1-S, which I successfully whittled down for relatively little damage in return – until I was eventually destroyed because the rest of my team had collapsed and a Jagdpanther shot me from behind.

My final tally in the VK3001P is 74 matches played with 37 victories and 62 enemy tanks destroyed. I would have probably finished with a winrate of over 50%, except I had a run of poor play (my own silly fault) towards the end. I earned five Sniper medals and one Confederate medal – and on this tank I did manage to acquire the Ace Tanker award.

So an enjoyable experience on both tanks, but now time to move on and explore other tanks in their respective trees.

  1. mrrx said:

    If you haven’t played the KV-3 until after the update that boosted it (7.4 or something like that) you have to try it again. It was slow and ponderous until it got changed in tier, now I love it but simply have too many tanks to play to advance in matches with it. Well, that’s late advice since you’ve sold it, but just so you know.

    • stnylan said:

      But I like slow and ponderous! 😀 Which is probably a good thing since I have a freshly-minted KV-4 to play now ;=)

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