WoT: Polish Independence Special

The next special in World of Tanks is to celebrate Polish Independence. Actually – as the blurb makes out – it is something of a dual celebration given that this is also Armistice Day. However, it is another good marketing move on the EU server given a fairly sizeable proportion of players are Polish. The offer runs from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

First up there is double crew experience for each battle for the duration of the offer. This is great – indeed crew experience bonuses are rapidly becoming some of my favourite offers. Certainly I will try to get a few more games in on the Marder II to take advantage.

Secondly there is a 20% bonus to credit earnings in the T-34, the T-34-85, and the M4 Sherman. Given I have a fully upgraded Sherman, and a recently acquired and equipped T-34 I will definitely take advantage of this.

We then have a 20% discount on equipment. In truth this is weak – not only is the discount usually 50%, but it occurs right after a 50% discount as well. Finally there is also a 50% discount on crew training/retraining for gold, and a 50% discount on barracks enlargement (also a gold transaction). I do not think I will take part in either of these.

The offer is generally solid apart from the equipment discount, which basically looks and feels silly right after the 50% discount during the Golden Joystick special offer. The three tanks featured in the bonus credit earnings are all popular tanks. I might have been tempted to add a French and/or a British tanks to the offer (German tanks perhaps would not be appropriate in an offer named for Polish independence). Nevertheless, I do rate this as a decent offer, albeit with a flaw.

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