WoT: The invasion of the Orient begins in 8.2

Which is another of saying that it appears that the 8.2 update will be the introduction of the Chinese tech tree.

Expect more chaos at the low levels as a whole new set of low-tier tanks get played 🙂 Actually I do not expect it to be as extreme as with the introduction of British tanks. When one looks at the tech tree (in second link) it appears basically to be one primary line which branches into two secondary lines at Tiers VI and VII. The thanks themselves are mostly adaptations of the tanks of other nations, especially Soviet tanks.

Looking at these following so closing on the arrival of the British tanks I think we see an interesting look at Wargaming’s marketing strategy. With the British tanks in 8.1 Wargaming was catering to its existing userbase, which has been waiting for British tanks for a very long time. It was also hoping to attract new interest from the “Western” world – however that is a market which is already very well covered by the existing tanks in game. The Chinese tanks there are opening up new markets – the Far East.

I look forwaring to seeing them on the battlefield.

  1. Bernard said:

    mh, given that the chinese and pacific theatres aren’t exactly known for tank warfare it’s a bold step.

  2. mrrx said:

    I bet the US & Euro markets have many players who want to play British tanks. Chinese tanks don’t make people nearly as excited.

    I tend to believe the official forum’s rumor that the Chinese company that Wargaming partners with needs more tanks for Chinese players. That might be a big untapped market there. And the freemium model, from what I understand, is the only way to get people to pay for games in China.

    • stnylan said:

      I certainly would expect something along those lines. The proportion of Far East gamers interested in tanks might be less than in the Western world due to the much smaller part tanks have played in their relatively recent past, but on the other hand there are a vast number of people out there so it can still be a significant market.

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