Personal: When she was seven hours old

My daughter will turn five months old on Saturday. Five months. She has, over that time, put on weight and grown in length, but in my mind she is still the little miracle that arrived in my life in the middle of a summer night.

Recently my wife and I were going through some of the photographs we took, organising them and so on, and we came across the one below. This was taken when Melian was not quite seven hours old.

When this picture was taken, we hardly knew Melian. Looking at this picture now though  I recognise that expression she has on her face. That sense of curiosity and wonder as she looks around the world. Not seven hours old, and already a person.

Jeg elsker dig, min vidunderlige pige (I love you, my wonderful girl).

  1. Bernard said:

    Tooooooooo cute!

  2. Gank said:

    Wow, so that’s what a non-screaming new-born looks like 🙂

    She’s very cute.

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