WoT: Weekend Savings

The Golden Joystick special had one particular element which I was interested in: 50% discount on equipment. I had recently bought the T1 HT and the T-34, and I had the VK3001H and KV-4 researched and wished to buy them too. All of which equals quite a lot of equipment costing many hundreds of thousands of credits. So a 50% discount was a considerable saving to be made. Selling the KV-3 and VK3001P would free up about 1.75 million credits, and I had 2 million in the bank. Not enough considering the KV-4 and VK3001H would cost something in the region of 3.2 million credits or so – however a goal nevertheless within reach.

On the whole I didn’t actually have that good a weekend with the offer – I came out with a losing record, even on my Marder II which is my usual reliable winner. Some people might attribute this to the x5 experience on first victory portion of the offer – but I am not inclined to do so. For every loser there is a winner, so the idea that this portion of the offer – with the subsequent rush of extra games being played  – is responsible is laughable. I figure ultimately is just a run of bad luck coinciding with the offer. I certainly played some poor games that contributed. Unusually there were also three draws over the weekend – unusual considering that in the months prior I have only had one draw each month.

Despite these struggles however I did get in some very good games indeed, and managed to acquire all the equipment I wanted. Total saved: 1.5 million credits (which equates to about a 4.7 million spend). I could only just manage it however – I had only about 50k credits left by the end of the offer, not enough to really train/re-train any crews. That will equate, when I am done with all four tanks, perhaps 200k of “lost” savings. Still, I have to admit to feeling rather pleased I was able to take advantage of the offer so successfully, and I now I have four more tanks (or I will have) ready to take into battle in the course of the next week or so. All’s good – now if only I could manage to win some matches!


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