WoT: Lend Lease for the East

The Golden Joystick special offer is not, apparently, the only special offer running this weekend. There is an extra one – presumably the “regular” offer – which by itself would probably only rate as average but alongside the Golden Joystick this does not matter. It claims to be based on Lend-Lease tanks to Russia. This is only half-true.

Where it is true is that there is a 50% discount on the premium Churchill and Matilda – which are the Lend-Lease versions of these tanks. Where it is not true is that there are three tanks with 50% bonus to credit earnings – the T-28, T-34, and KV-1. These, of course, are not Lend-Lease tanks. That said, they are all popular tanks, and I will certainly get some play time in on my KV-1 to take advantage of the offer. I may also do the same on the T-34, but the KV-1 comes first. I already have the premium Churchill and Matilda, but it may be a good opportunity to acquire these tanks for those who do not as I am guessing at some point they will now be withdrawn from the store.

The final item on this offer is a 30% discount on premium consumables – perhaps hoping that people will have a taste for them after the handful of premium consumables that were included as part of the Golden Joystick bonus code.

All in all a small offer, but alongside the Golden Joystick offer it does not need to be big.


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