WoT: November Report


In terms of what I played October was sort of all over the place. I introduced one of my brothers to World of Tanks, and played some Tier I and II with him, and some Tier II with another friend. Meanwhile I have been making an effort to play my KV-5 a bit more at Tier VII, and of course playing the other Tiers inbetween. The new physics and redone maps continue to impact on my gameplay, and I still very much feel that I am learning. I have now played over 3000 matches. I do not know for sure, but I get the distinct impression from the forums that most people will 3000 matches have at least one Tier IX or X tank.

As an example of how plans can change, let’s look at the shopping list I posted last month, with comments on what happened:

1. Equipment for the KV-1S (acquired)
2. VK3001H + equipment (not done)
3. T-34 + equipment (tank acquired on special offer, equipment not yet)
4. VK3601H + equipment (not done)
5. KV-4 + equipment (not done)

In addition I also purchased the T1 HT on special offer, and a Tier II light tank. My current plan is to amass as many credits as I can to take advantage of the 50% equipment sale for the Golden Joystick Special offer, and sort of resume from there.

Garage Trip

D1 (Tier II Light French) – elited. Will sell soon for the Hotchkiss H35. Definitely will not keep it.

Somua SAu-40 (Tier IV TD French) – researching. This is my new most-disliked tank – I dislike even more than the Panzer 38 nA which for a long time held that position. At some point I will do a post explaining just why I loathe this ungainly vehicle.

Pz38H735f (Tier II Light German) – premium. Got a lot of games in with this tank. Whichever other Tier II tank I choose, it will have to have a different playstyle from this light-heavy.

Panzer II (Tier II Light German) – elited. Awaiting the decision as to which Tier II tank I will retain.

Panzer II Luchs (Tier III Light German) – elited. Definitely decided, once I have done the Tier II project to do the same with the Tier IIIs.

VK1602 Leopard (Tier IV Light German) – full upgraded. Not played this last month as I have concentrated on other projects.

Panzer III (Tier IV Medium German) – elited. Again, not played recently. If the new method of assigning my playtime is a success I might get a chance to hop into this one again.

Panzer IV (Tier V Medium German) – elited. Had a couple of games on the new version, and had reasonable fun. Still undecided whether to keep or sell.

T-25 (Tier V Medium German) – premium. Still getting a handle on this one.

VK3001P (Tier VI Medium German) – elited. Had an excellent game in this one recently seeing me killing 4 tanks and damaging 6 others. Had some very poor games too – mostly my own fault. It is unforgiving in that regard, but oh my, with a bit of intelligent play and  a modicum of luck this tank can be a joy to play.

Pz B2 740f (Tier IV Heavy German) – premium. Not played this last month, but one I am very eager to jump back into.

Marder II (Tier III TD German) – elited. Over 700 battles and still going strong. The third crew skill is now in the high thirties. Trying to decide whether to use the Golden Joystick November special to retain the crew to get the Brothers in Arms perk, or to wait for a crew retrain discount on a later offer.

Hetzer (Tier IV TD German) – elited. Not played this month, but still holding tightly onto this sleek little monster.

Jagdpanzer IV (Tier VI TD German) – fully upgraded. Upgraded having quite a bit of success now with this tank. Finding it much easier to play than the Stug III.

Hummel (Tier V SPG German) – fully upgraded. Again, not played as much this month.

Medium Mk 1 (Tier I Medium UK) – elited. The first tank of the British tree which arrived yesterday. Five Tier I battles, and there were at least 25 Mk Is (across both teams) in each battle.

M2 LT (Tier II Light USA) – elited. A strong candidate to be retained as my Tier II tank.

M4 Sherman (Tier V Medium USA) – fully upgraded. Still an absolute blast to play. Easy to be over-brave, but the master of just peeping over a rise on the ground and ruining a higher-Tier tank’s day.

T1 HT (Tier V Heavy USA) – unplayed. Recently bought in a special offer.

BT-2 (Tier II Light USSR) – elited. Will sell when I decide which Tier II to use.

A-20 (Tier IV Light USSR) – elited. Not played. At some point this slot will be taken up by the T-50, or if I have need of it. Not anytime soon however.

Valentine LL (Tier IV Light USSR) – premium. I am curious to see how this version of the Valentine will compare with the version in the British tank tree.

T-34 (Tier V Medium USSR) – unplayed. Just acquired.  

Matilda LL (Tier V Medium USSR) – premium. Not played this last month. Hopefully will get a chance to get some matches in, and again, will be interested in time to see how it compares to the regular British version.

Churchill LL (Tier V Heavy USSR) – premium. Had a couple of matches, but still need to learn.

KV-1 (Tier V Heavy USSR) – elited. When I want an “easier” match, this is the tank I pull out. Certainly probably the most forgiving tank in my garage to mistakes.

KV-1S (Tier VI Heavy USSR) – researching. Played just one match on it so far, so no comment.

KV-2 (Tier VI Heavy USSR) – elited. Still great fun with the howitzer.

KV-3 (Tier VII Heavy USSR) – elited. At some point this month I will sell this off to get the KV-4.

KV-5 (Tier VIII Heavy USRR) – premium. Starting to get a better feel of how to maximise the strengths of this tank.

AT-1 (Tier II TD USSR) – elited. This slot will be used by the SU-76 whenever I start the Tier III project.

Bought this month: D1, T1 HT, T-34

Sold this month: T-28

Facts and Figures

Overall figures:

Battles Participated – 3013 (+241)
Victories –  1639 54.4% (+147 + 0.58%)
Defeats – 1337 44.37% (+93 -0.51%)
Draws – 37 1.2% (+1 -0.1%)
Survived – 882 29.27% (+82 +0.41%)

Destroyed – 3286 (+315)
Hit Ratio – 65% (unchanged)
Damage – 1,388,681 (+146,214)
Total Experience – 1,331,537 1,192,954 (+138,583)

Efficiency – 1160.65 1146.31 (+14.34)
Average Tier – 4.08 (+0.03)


Halonen’s Medal – 4
Bilotte’s Medal – 1
Kolobanov’s Medal – 2 (+1)

Defender – 9 (+1)
Invader – 1
Scout – 4
Sniper – 105 (+13)
Steel Wall – 26 (+7)
Confederate – 4 (+4)
Top Gun – 42 (+3)

Master Gunner – 23
Reaper – 6
Kamikaze – 2
Sharpshooter – 33

Abram’s II Class 4187 to go (-79)
Carius’ II Class 6714 to go (-315)
Ekins III Class 206 to go (-15)
Kay’s II Class 802 to go (-28)
Knispel’s II Class 7,571,782 to go (-257,736)
Lavrinenko’s II Class 26,995 to go (Class II awarded)
Leclerc’s II Class 24,969 to go (-493)
Popel’s II Class 16,893 to go (-253)

Top 10 tanks overall:
Marder II – 712 (425-283)
KV-1 – 320 (169-146)
KV-3 – 151 (85-63)
Hetzer – 145 (78-67)
Panzer IV – 138 (90-48)
T-28 – 107 (58-48)
KV-2 – 97 (55-42)
Panzer III – 95 (43-50)
Panzer II – 83 (39-41)
M3 Lee – 79 (45-34)
VK3001P – 79 (37-41)

Top 5 tanks in August:
Marder II – 55
VK3001P – 31
KV-5 – 29
Pz 38H 735f – 28
M4 Sherman – 19


Number of battles is down again this month – which is a side effect of usually getting a good hour or so with my daughter after I get home. Much as I enjoy playing Tanks right now, they are poor comparison to spending some time with my daughter.

The top 10 tank list is naturally very resistant to change. The only two changes from last month is the KV-3 moving up a place, and the VK 3001P tying the M3 Lee for tenth place. Sitting in place number 11 is the KV-5, which should break into the top ten in the next month. However, looking forward it is clear from both of these as I delve deeper into the tank lines more tanks from Tier VI and higher will slowly enter into this list – though probably not for 2-3 months yet.


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