WoT: Golden Joystick Special

It has been announced this evening that World of Tanks wins the Golden Joystick award for best MMO. The award itself means basically nothing to me – only that because World of Tanks won the award we will enjoy a special offer purposefully to celebrate running from the morning of Friday 2nd November to the morning of Monday 5th November – and what an offer.

To begin with all Tier IX Medium Tanks, Heavy Tanks, and Tank Destroyers, and all Tier VIII SPG are discounted.  They will all cost the same as the immediately preceding tank would ordinarily cost – all in all this amounts to quite a substantial discount. In addition all Tier VIII premium tanks will be at a 15% discount.

There will also be x5 experience bonus for the first victory of the day. Garage slots, equipment, and crew training and re-training will be at a 50% discount. Finally there will be a bonus code which equates to 3 days premium account.

In other words there is something for everyone – however I imagine it is players towards the top tiers who will now be saving credits. Quite simply the upper tiers very rarely get featured in the regular special offers, so this one is clearly for them. However, there are also plenty of other goodies for everyone else.

Indeed, this offer is actually going to offer me a mild dilemma regarding whether to retrain my Marder II crew now to include the Brothers in Arms perk at 100% (essentially, replacing the current second skill) or to wait for the next time a crew retrain is discounted. I am going to have a week to think about it.


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