WoT: Counter-Attack Special

The next World of Tanks special offer on the EU server – running from Saturday morning until Wednesday morning – is called Counter-Attack. It is based around a collection of tanks that are meant to be good at counter-attacks. I think it is a fairly weak theme to an offer given that very many tanks are very effective in a counter-attacking role, but the offer itself is I think fairly strong in terms of its contents.

First up, and gloriously slow, there is triple crew experience for the duration of the offer. Bonus crew experience is rapidly becoming one of my favourite aspects of any special offer – especially now my Marder II crew is onto its third skill.

Secondly there are four regular tanks on a 50% discount: the M7 (an American Tier V medium tank), the T-34 (the Soviet Tier V medium tank warhorse), the ELC AMX (a light French Tier V), and the Panzer III/IV (a German Tier V medium). There are also two premium tanks on a 50% discount – the T-25 (German Tier V medium) and the Matilda Lend-Lease (Soviet Tier V medium).

I can certainly recommend the Panzer III/IV as a most excellent tank and a lot of fun to play. I will be acquiring the T-34 on the back of this offer since it is on my “list” as it were. I know nothing of the M7 and the ELC AMX. I do own both the T-25 and the Matilda LL, though I haven’t played very many matches on either of them. However I have enjoyed them, and it is important to consider the possibility that with the introduction of the British tanks the three British Lend-Lease tanks to the Soviet union may be withdrawn.

The final aspect of this special offer is a 50% bonus to credit earnings with the T20 (American Tier VII medium), the T-43 (Soviet Tier VII medium), the AMX 13 75 (French Tier VII light), and the VK 3002 DB (German Tier VII medium). None of this affects me for the simple I reason I don’t own any of the above tanks.

On the whole though I think this is a great offer with a good range of offers and bonuses.

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