WoT: 8.1 around the corner

So, we have a video detailing some of the map changes in 8.1, another previewing the British tanks, the general understanding 8.1 is about to hit the Russian server.

The British tanks will add another line of tanks to those I wish to research – and some more Tier II tanks for me to play with before I decide on a Tier II to keep. The Tier II tour, as it were, is rapidly becoming one of my best decisions in World of Tanks. There is so much fun to be had in the low tiers.

The other big difference will be premium ammo being able to be acquired for credits. At a rate of 400 credits / gold this is going to be expensive – my Marder II for example would cost 2000 credits per round (5 gold), the KV-1 2800 credits per round (7 gold) and KV-3 4800 credits (12 gold). This is not a formula to make credits.

What it is undoubtedly going to be is a formula to buy a few rounds of premium ammunition to use in those situations where it is much more necessary – like when trying to prevent the enemy capping a base or getting the edge in a 1-1 at the end of a fight. Certainly that is how I am going to approach it. That said, for the first few days I expect a certain amount of carnage until everyone gets broke.

Looking forward to it.


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