WoT: Second Battle of El Alamein Special

The next special running on the EU server of WoT is based around the Second Battle of El Alamein – the turning point of World War II (it was said that the Allies never won a battle before the two battles of El Alamein, and never lost a battle afterwards – a claim though incorrect in detail does convey the sense of what was happening strategically at that time). Unfortunately the British tanks are not yet in the game, therefore this offer focuses primarily on German tanks and American tanks that the British used under Lend-Lease. The offer runs from Saturday morning to Wednesday morning.

Six tanks in fact are singled out in this offer to be on sale for both a 50% discount and to have double credit earnings for the duration of the offer. These are the Panzer II, Panzer III, Panzer IV, M3 Stuart, M3 Lee, and M4 Sherman. In addition the Soviet Tier IV premium light tank, the Valentine (a British Lend-Lease vehicle) is available for a 50% discount.

There are all pretty good tanks, though all quite varied. The double credit earnings will probably be enough to get me playing the revamped Panzer IV for the first time, and I will certainly take advantage in my Sherman. Essentially, a good opportunity to pick up a new tank, including the premium Valentine.

Finally, there are discounts available on premium accounts. Three days of premium can be had for 250 gold, and one week for 650 gold (usually 650 and 1250 respectively). In addition, there is a 10% discount for the six and twelve month packages. From the wording one cannot tell if this relates to buying premium account in gold, via the gift shop, or both. Will have to wait and see. Nevertheless this makes it a great time to add subscription time.

On the whole I think this offer suffers from the lack of British tanks in the game, but otherwise it is a solid offer. Thankfully British tanks will soon be here.


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