WoT: 8 out 10 for 8.0

So 8.0 has been out for a little while now, so it is about time for a more detailed round-up.

Firstly there was something that was sneaked into the update – leastways I didn’t work out it was happening – namely that more maps had Encounter and Assault modes enabled on them. In particular Encounter was added to Malinkova and Sand River, and Assault was added to Siegfried – that I have stumbled across so far anyway. So far I have found them all quite enjoyable and thankfully reasonably well balanced.

I am also starting to “get” the new physics. Contrary to what I thought pre-patch – the hype got to me clearly – this is not a revolutionary change in the sense of everything is different. Generally speaking the basic strategies and approaches that worked previously still work now as they did before. Rather, a new layer has been added to them, and new opportunities. In particular sometimes a well-timed slide down a slope can put one into a wonderful flanking position. On the whole I very much prefer the way physics has added to gameplay already present rather than totally overhauled everything. It is more challenging now to work out when to take advantage of new possibilities – and it very much depends on which tank one is currently playing. On a Siegfried game I tried something out in my KV-1, and got somewhat stranded. However, on another tank I think I would have been in a powerful position to flank some enemy tanks and may well try it on the M4 Sherman if the opportunity presents again.

The new battle report feature is just brilliant. My own wish is for us to be able to “save” battle reports automatically, and access them again in client – essentially have a battle log. Ah well. However, I really otherwise have nothing bad to say. I love the more detailed breakdown of your own and others’ battle performance. I think it is really excellent some prominence is given to spotted damage, not to mention total damage. For me this remains the highlight of the feature.

As regards to the new UI – it is mostly something that doesn’t massively affect me. However, the ability to see in-match what the commands are my simply pressing “Z” is a nice ability. I am adjusting to the changes in the tech tree layout, and on balance I think I prefer it to the old version as more information is on display.

The new graphics are indeed gorgeous and I haven’t found my own performance negatively affected. However, this is not really comparing like with like since about the time 8.0 was released we also upgraded our broadband connection.

I still haven’t gotten around to playing with the new version of the Panzer IV – but I have seen some other players put in very creditable performances. It is on a list of things to do. Likewise I still do not really believe the nerf to the Marder II was really necessary. However, I am still very much enjoying mine.

So overall my impression of the update is still very positive.


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