WoT: The M2 LT – a good all-rounder

Two of my favourite sports are cricket and baseball. I actually spend a fair bit more time watching and following baseball than cricket these days, but that is by the by. They are games that formed from a common source that dates back probably into Elizabeth times, and this shared heritage can be seen very obviously if one scratches the surface. The terminology is very similar, and if you listen to an in-depth discussion of a baseball pitcher or a cricket bowler it sounds almost exactly the same, just with  a few slight changes in vocabulary. The same is large true when discussing the merits of particular pitchers. They are different games of course, just closer than what many people realise. One area where they are different, however, is in the concept of the all-rounder.

Essentially, an all-rounder is someone who can both bowl and bat. It doesn’t really exist in baseball because once someone can bat to a generally high-level it makes more sense for them to be in the lineup every day as a position player, rather than as a pitcher (the early career of Babe Ruth demonstrates this pretty well). The all-rounder is probably not the best batsman or the best bowler on the team (though Sir Ian Botham might sometimes dispute that), but can do everything well.

In Tier II, the M2 LT is my all-rounder. It does everything one expects of a tank – once upgraded anyway. It is agile, relatively well-armoured, and can hit fairly hard. Hang on a minute though – a light tank be relatively well armoured and hard-hitting, that almost sounds like a contradiction. Well, one has to remember that at Tier II there are no heavy tanks, and (so far) only one medium tank. This means the distinction between low, medium, and heavy does not really exist in the lowest tiers. Generally though I think the best way to think of the M2 LT is to play it the same way one would play a generic medium in the middle tiers.

At first I was not quite sure what to make of this tank because it does not appear to have any defining feature or characteristic. It is was not like the M4 Sherman with its great gun depression, or the Valentine with its all-round armour, for examples. In part this is because the un-upgraded version felt even more unsatisfactory than most stock tanks. However, after a third playing session on it I finally realised its signature was its versatility. That then allowed me to enjoy the tank a whole lot more.

I play the tank with the 37mm gun, and due to its versatility how I play is very much dependent on the make-up of both teams and what initially seems to unfold in a match. That said, generally I think the greatest strength of this tank is its speed, allowing one to reposition oneself very efficiently.

From a stats perspective I have now played 12 matches, and have won 7 of them, destroying 17 enemy tanks and earning one Battle Honour (Confederate). Certainly this tank is right up there is the decision about which Tier II tank to retain after I have completed my journey through the Tier.


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