WoT: Covering Fire Special

This coming weekend’s special offer is loosely based around the idea of tanks who can come to your aid in a nick of time. Of course, in reality all tanks can do that given the right situation, so this is something of a false them. Nevertheless, it provides a way of holding the offer together, which runs from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

To begin with there is a 50% discount on four tanks, the SU-152, the Jagdpanther, the T20, and the AMX 13 75. These are all Tier VII tanks, with one from each of the four nations currently in game. The SU-152 and Jagdpanther are Soviet and German Tank Destroyers, the T20 is an American Medium tank, and the AMX 13 75 is a French light tank. I might be wrong but I think this is the first time all options of a discount on sale price have been Tier VII tanks. Given I am nowhere near researching any of these I will be unable to take advantage, but nevertheless this should tempt quite a few players.

There is then a more general offer of 50% discount on buying extra garage slots, so they cost 150 gold instead of the regular 300. Although I personally think garage slots are great, I think I am adequately covered for my current needs and future aspirations in the medium-term.

We then a 70% credit earning bonus on a large number of tanks. Four are Tier VI SPGs – the German GW Panther, the French Lorraine155 50, the Soviet SU-14, and the American M12. Also included in this bundle are two Tier VII tanks – the American Heavy T29 and the Russian Medium KV-13. Again, since I do not own any of these tanks none of this impacts me directly.

Looking through the offer what strikes me most about it is there is squarely concentrated on Tiers VI and VII, with nothing for players are lower tiers (other than the garage discount). It definitely seems therefore that it is aimed towards players who have gotten more battles under their belts than the wider World of Tanks playerbase. This still makes it a very solid offer, but perhaps getting more of a B grade than an A grade.


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