WoT: Hispanic Day Special

From tomorrow morning to Saturday morning there is going to be a 24-hour (well, technically 23.5 hours) there is a special offer to celebrate the arrival of Colombus in the New World. In reality this is an American-themed offer.

We begin with a 50% discount on the M2 MT, the M3 Lee, the M4 Sherman, and the T1 HT. The first three are all medium tanks, tiers III, IV, and V respectively, and the last is the first of the American heavy tank line, also Tier V. If I can get the credits I will probably acquire the T1 HT to eventually start working on those American heavies.

There is also 50% higher income on the M6, the M4A3E2, and the M4A3E8. These are all Tier VI tanks, the first a heavy and the other two mediums. As I have do not have any of them this particular aspect of the offer does not interest me at all.

Finally there is a discount on buying premium accounts in 3 and 7 day amounts for 250 gold and 650 gold respectively. Usually this costs 650 and 1250 gold respectively. I would regard this of a way of finding out whether or not premium is something one finds worthwhile. However, given that a month premium costs 2500 gold these offers do not make it more attractive than the longer term regular premium options.


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