LOTRO: Two horsies in one outing

So this evening I grabbed a few minutes to log into LOTRO to finish getting the remaining 15 fall festival tokens I needed to get the new horse for this year’s Harvest Festival. It has been a very quiet festival for me, mostly marked by finally getting around to complete the Haunted Burrow deed – for some reason I hadn’t done the Riddle in a Bottle quest before. The last thing I wanted to get was the new horse.

This did not prove to be very difficult at all. Turning in the handful of bobbing apples for a few tokens, running two of the burrow quests for another half a dozen, and then opening all four treasure chests yielded me what I needed. Also, quite unexpectedly, the Painted Skeleton Horse dropped.

I’ve basically not bothered about getting this steed. It is a purely random drop, and a rare one at that. In total since the Haunted Burrow was introduced I honestly believe I have visited the treasure chests less than twenty times. Possibly only about a dozen times. Now I have it, and I have to say I feel just a little bit pleased about it.

Otherwise now it is just a matter of counting down the hours to Riders of Rohan.



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