WoT: Hide and Scout Special

Hot on the heels from the last special offer is one putting the light tanks first. Light tanks come in essentially two flavours in World of Tanks. The vast majority of tanks Tier I to III are light tanks – and there are relatively few medium and no heavy tanks in those tiers. Therefore it is almost as if they are the medium tanks of those tiers (and the mediums are the heavies). At Tier IV things change, and light tanks take on a very different role, and this special offer is very much focused on this second sort of light tank. It runs from today to Tuesday morning.

To begin with there is a 50% discount on the VK2801, M24 Chaffee, T-50-2, and AMX 12t. The first three are Tier V light tanks, and the AMX 12t is a Tier VI. I won’t acquire any of them because I do not have any of the necessary research done. Next there is a 50% discount on three light premium tanks, the T2 LT, the M22 Locust, and the T-15. The first two are American tanks – tiers II and III respectively, while the last is a German Tier III. I am tempted by the Locust or the T-15, but I will have to seriously consider whether or not I really should be adding another premium tank at this juncture.

Next there are double credit earnings on the VK1602 Leopard, the T-50, the M5 Stuart, and the ELC AMX. The first three are Tier IV tanks, and the last is a Tier V. This might get me playing a game or two in my Leopard this weekend.

Finally there is a 20% bonus on converting gold to credits. Realistically this is only an option at the best of times for those ridiculously flush with real money, and I hope not too many people take advantage of this.



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