WoT: Toodle Pip!

Or, to put it another way, Wargaming has confirmed that the British tanks are arriving in the 8.1 update, currently slated for next month. Just as with the French, the initial British tech tree does not include tank destroyers or artillery, and therefore is a mixture of light, medium, and heavy tanks. As I recall from previous announcements there will be basically three lines of British tanks, each loosely concentrating on each of the three grades of tank. The Tier I tank will be a medium.

I have to admit, while I am very much looking forward to the British tanks, I am also eagerly awaiting two forum backlashes which I assume will take place simultaneously. Firstly I expect some people to complain how Wargaming will initially make the British tanks a little overpowered, to encourage people to acquire them, and they will then nerf them. This appears to be a fairly standard line of thought – most recently witnessed with the French tank destroyers. Secondly, I expect another segment to argue that British tanks will be underpowered because Wargaming has an anti-British bias because they are Russian (presumably due to various fallings-out Russia and the UK have had over the last few years). I suppose there is an argument to say that if the number of subscribes to both conspiracies remain about equal then Wargaming will have probably balanced the British tanks just about right 🙂 .

Also in this update they are announcing three new premium tanks. One of them, that was already causing a certain amount of ire, is the “old” Panzer IV, however at Tier VI. However, I find it difficult to get overly worked up about it. There will also be a Panther variant at Tier VII, and what I presume is a Russian tank destroyer also at Tier VII. I am wondering how long it will be for the three Russian Lend Lease tanks (Valentine, Matilda, and Churchill) to be withdrawn with the advent of the British tanks. Finally they are continuing the update the graphics on some of the maps.

My intentions for the update, when it occurs, is to choose one British line (probably the heavy line) and enjoy myself.


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