WoT: German Reunification Special

The old special ends, and a new special offer begins – this one to celebrate German Reunification in 1990. Perhaps not the most logical event to celebrate in a game based around World War 2 tanks, but perhaps some evidence that the company is not as anti-German as the conspiracy theorists suggest. This offer, as the name might suggest, is focused entirely on German vehicles and runs from today until Friday morning.

To begin with there is a 50% discount on the Panzer IV, the Stug III, and the Panzer III/IV – three very solid German vehicles. There is a 70% credit bonus on the Panzer V Panther and the Jagdpanther. Not that I’ve played either of those, but again they are very iconic vehicles and I am sure I will be facing more of them the next few days. None of the above interests me as I already have the Panzer IV, already played and sold the Panzer III/IV and Stug III, and do not have the Panther and its Tank Destroyer counterpart.

More generally there is a 50% discount on gold ammo, which interests me not at all. Finally the first victory of the day on each tank will earn a triple xp bonus (as opposed to the regular double).

All in all a solid, but unremarkable, offer.


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