WoT: October Report

I am writing this post a day early, as I do not think I will have time to do it tomorrow.


September has at times been a slightly frustrating month for me in World of Tanks – especially the last week or so where I have had one of those runs of bad luck that sometimes happens. There is an interesting correlation I have found (and not just in World of Tanks) of sometimes trying too hard, with the result of performing less well. I have certainly suffered from a bit of that this last fortnight too.The big news in World of Tanks right now of course is the 8.0 update, and it is taking a bit of getting used to.

On the plus side I have managed quite a few games with a couple of friends – generally in lower tier tanks still – and had a great deal of fun as a result. Otherwise I am still playing more or less the same range of tanks. Realistically I doubt my Average Tier is going to increase very much anytime soon until I acquire another Tier VIII tank, and currently this is somewhat far down on my shopping list. Currently that looks something like this:

1. Equipment for the KV-1S
2. VK3001H + equipment
3. T-34 + equipment
4. VK3601H + equipment
5. KV-4 + equipment

Of course, any plan is subject to change, and various special offers might change how this occurs. In particular the arrival of British tanks, if it occurs in the next few weeks, might alter this.

Otherwise I didn’t, in the event, look much for a Clan. My overall aim for the next month centres around playing more in the Tier VI-VIII range, and trying to cut down on the number of silly mistakes I make.

Garage Trip

Somua SAu-40 (Tier IV TD French) – unplayed. Only just bought this vehicle – as in yesterday – and not yet played any matches on it. I hope to elite it before the end of the month however.

Pz38H735f (Tier II Light German) – premium. I like this tank, but then I now realise I like the slower tanks.

Panzer II (Tier II Light German) – elited. One of several Tier II tanks I have at the moment, as I work through them. Currently it is in the mix to decide which Tier II to keep, but there may be others.

Panzer II Luchs (Tier III Light German) – elited. Keepsake, but not played now for some time. Just like I have the Tier II project, I may in time work my way through the Tier III tanks and decide to keep one. If so, this slot would be used for that.

VK1602 Leopard (Tier IV Light German) – full upgraded. Given all my games recently on the A-20 I haven’t had any desire to also play this one. With the physics changes I am interested to see what I can manage now.

Panzer III (Tier IV Medium German) – elited. Not played very much recently.

Panzer IV (Tier V Medium German) – elited. I have not yet played this since the changes to the Panzer IV in 8.0, so not yet sure whether I will end up keeping this one anymore or not.

T-25 (Tier V Medium German) – premium. Played a few games in it – though not yet enough to form a proper impression.

VK3001P (Tier VI Medium German) – fully upgraded. This one is rather firmly now in my category of “tanks no one likes”, for reasons I do not fully understand. Given I have managed to go head-to-head with a KV-1S and win (by being careful about my positioning), and otherwise make a pain of myself to various other tanks, I think it certainly has potential that is not properly appreciated.

Pz B2 740f (Tier IV Heavy German) – premium. Managed a few games in this now – and enjoyed them very much. In contrast to the Pz38H35f which is a light tank that behaves like a heavy, this tank is a heavy tank that behaves more like a light, or at least a medium. Makes me curious to find out how the actual B1 plays.

Marder II (Tier III TD German) – elited. Still my favourite and most-played tank. Managed to play a few games under the new update, and still found it very enjoyable even if the increased aiming time is quite noticeable. The crew have about 25k xp to go before reaching 100% on the second skill.

Hetzer (Tier IV TD German) – elited. Still my favourite looking vehicle in the game. Recently managed to get some games in along with a friend. A Hetzer team is alot of fun.

Jagdpanzer IV (Tier VI TD German) – researching. So far had some success in this tank – especially now I have managed to upgrade the tracks. Working on getting the top-tier gun now.

Hummel (Tier V SPG German) – fully upgraded. Not played as much this month, currently now about half-way through to unlocking the GW Panther.

M2 LT (Tier II Light USA) – elited. Played as part of my Tier II project. A very versatile tank.

M4 Sherman (Tier V Medium USA) – fully upgraded. I am finding this an absolute blast to play. I’ve had some thoroughly enjoyable games, even when facing tanks above tier. Very seriously considering keeping it once it is elited.

BT-2 (Tier II Light USSR) – elited. Keepsake but will probably keep another Tier II rather than this one.

A-20 (Tier IV Light USSR) – elited. This tank received a major buff in 8.0, but I elited it beforehand. Not particularly intending on playing it any more, other than just a game or two to see how the buff worked out.

Valentine LL (Tier IV Light USSR) – premium. A wonderful tank with all-round armour. Another light-heavy.

T-28 (Tier IV Medium USSR) – elited. Still hanging around waiting for me to replace it with the T-34.

Matilda LL (Tier V Medium USSR) – premium. Another slow, relatively heavily-armoured tank. Still learning the ropes.

Churchill LL (Tier V Heavy USSR) – premium. The British very much had a “thing” about relatively slow, heavily armoured tanks – the so-called “infantry” tank. I have enjoyed playing the basic concept, which makes me quite hopeful for the British tanks as and when they come out

KV-1 (Tier V Heavy USSR) – elited. Probably my second-favourite tank, after the Marder II. The second crew skill is now at 60%, so it will probably take a good few months before that is complete – especially as I play it less than the Marder II.

KV-1S (Tier VI Heavy USSR) – unresearched and not yet played, though thanks to the current offer I have now crewed it.

KV-2 (Tier VI Heavy USSR) – elited. Played a few more games in this tank, including one recently where I managed to get the Top Gun medal. The ability to be able to damage anything one encounters with the howitzer is wonderfully liberating.

KV-3 (Tier VII Heavy USSR) – elited. I still have a tendency to be a bit reckless in it, and definitely my play suffers as I regularly get exposed to Tier VIII and IX opponents whom are still quite unfamiliar to me.

KV-5 (Tier VIII Heavy USRR) – premium. Still a lot of fun to play, and of course a good credit-maker.

AT-1 (Tier II TD USSR) – elited. My favourite of all the Tier II TD’s I have thus far played.

Bought this month: M4 Sherman, AT-1, Somua SAu-40,

Sold this month: Renault UE 57, T1 Cunningham, M3 Lee

Facts and Figures

Overall figures:

Battles Participated – 2772 (+281)
Victories – 1492 53.82% (+153 + 0.07%)
Defeats – 1244 44.88% (+127 +0.04%)
Draws – 36 1.3% (+1 -0.1%)
Survived – 800 28.86% (+87 +0.34%)

Destroyed – 2971 (+365)
Hit Ratio – 65% (+1%)
Damage – 1,242,467 (+157,460)
Total Experience – 1,192,954 (+150,041)

Efficiency – 1146.31 (+17.22)
Average Tier – 4.05 (+0.04)


Halonen’s Medal – 4 (+1)
Bilotte’s Medal – 1
Kolobanov’s Medal – 1

Defender – 8 (+1)
Invader – 1
Scout – 4
Sniper – 92 (+18)
Steel Wall – 19 (+1)
Confederate – 7 (+1)
Top Gun – 39 (+8)

Master Gunner – 23
Reaper – 6 (+1)
Kamikaze – 2
Sharpshooter – 33

Abram’s II Class 4266 to go (-81)
Carius’ II Class 7029 to go (-365)
Ekins III Class 221 to go (-11)
Kay’s II Class 830 to go (-29)
Knispel’s II Class 7,829,518 to go (-271,529)
Lavrinenko’s III Class 212 to go (-266)
Leclerc’s II Class 25,462 to go (-512)
Popel’s II Class 17,146 to go (-332)

Top 10 tanks overall:
Marder II – 657 (383-270)
KV-1 – 313 (163-145)
Hetzer – 145 (78-67)
KV-3 – 143 (80-60)
Panzer IV – 136 (89-47)
T-28 – 107 (58-48)
KV-2 – 95 (53-42)
Panzer III – 935(43-50)
Panzer II – 83 (39-41)
M3 Lee – 79 (45-34)

Top 5 tanks in August:
Marder II – 72
VK3001P – 23
A-20 – 23
M4 Sherman – 19
KV-3 – 18


As I have had no holiday in September it certainly shows in the fewer games that I have played. Overall though it looks like I might pass 3000 total games played by the end of October. About half-way through the month my win rate was actually above 54%, but then this run of bad luck began and it has been hovering around the current rate for the last few days. Hopefully things are about to change. Likewise the efficiency rating has been somewhat flat, and the main reason for that, I think, is I have mostly been playing the mid-tiers – especially since I have elited the KV-3. I am hopefuly it will increase again further as my average tier starts to increase.

I’ve decided against adding in the Mastery badges to the report for the time being, though I probably will add them in next month. Just running out of time today.


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