WoT: First impressions of WoT 8.0

So, I have been able to play the 8.0 update of World of Tanks for the last twenty-four hours. While I have not played all that many matches, certainly I have played enough for a first impressions post.

Firstly, the new physics does not appear to be as revolutionary as I thought it would have been. I am not quite sure if this is because it simply is not quite as big a deal as I thought it was going to be, or if it is because World of Tanks players are very set in their ways.

Secondly, despite the nerfs to the Marder II – which are noticeable – I think it will still be a joy to play. In this I stand by my feeling that in experienced hands the Marder II will average out better than the generally less experienced competition.

The new graphics do indeed look wonderful and make the game just look better. The tech tree feels awkward, but how much of that is simply that it is something I am not used to I do not know. From various comments it appears to be a fairly common view.

The new post-battle report is absolutely brilliant. Not only does it allow one to see how much experience each member of each team did, and a basic breakdown of how they performed, it also tracks and displays so much more information. My absolute favourite is that it displays spotted damage – that is damage caused by other tanks on your team that cannot see the target by themselves but only through other tanks. It also has a breakdown of experience and earnings, and shows the difference between free and premium. Quirkily, it also shows how far you tank has travelled in a match.

So my overall impression is certainly positive, and eager to play more.


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