WoT: Introducing 8.0 with a Special

So, in honour of the launch of the new update we have a special offer running from Friday morning to Tuesday morning.

What makes this offer a little different from most is that there are no individual tanks on offer – it is general bonuses across the board.

There is 90% on crew renaming – a purely cosmetic change that does not bother me. There is also 50% discount on barracks enlargement and a 50% discount on crew retraining to new tanks. The first two of these cost gold. The second can be done for free (with a larger reduction in ability), or for credits or gold with either a smaller reduction or not reduction in ability. These also will probably not have much impact on me. I have no need to expand my barracks. I probably will acquire the SAu-40 this weekend and retrain my Renault UE 57 crew, but that is likely all.

More of interest is that there is also a 50% discount on regular consumables. I may well buy a few of these, even though I am not truly running out of stock just yet.

For me and, I suspect, for most the big deal of this offer is double crew experience each battle. This will surely help train those crews up somewhat quicker – which is all to the good.

So, a nice offer which has something for everyone. A solid offer to support the new launch.

Talking of which, I have downloaded and played my first game, naturally in my Marder II. Had a lot of fun, and I absolutely adore the new after-battle statistics.


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