WoT: Low load capacity on the Jagdpanzer IV

Well, I have played a few games in the Jagdpanzer IV, and I have now a theory as to one reason why this vehicle generates such negative reputation. When I bought the Jagdpanzer IV I had, on other vehicles, already researched the engines, the radios, and the first upgraded gun. Usually one cannot fully upgrade a tank without first getting upgraded tracks – but on this machine I couldn’t upgrade anything. Not only that the only equipment I could use was my pair of Binocular Telescopes. Everything else was forbidden due to low load capacity.

What this means in practice is that those first games while you acquire the four thousand experience necessary to upgrade the tanks are purely in the “stock” tank, and there is basically no way at all to buff it. It has taken me seven matches to manage that – and though I have had some good matches the overall experience is one of frustration as I know this tank could be better – only it is prevented from being so.

Of course now I have upgraded the tracks I have now had a mass upgrade, which I think will suddenly make this tank alot more effective. However, first impressions are often hard to shift – and not for the first time I am wondering if how folks initially encounter the Jagdpanzer IV then colours everything that comes thereafter.


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