LOTRO: The last skirmish

For quite a while now there has been one skirmish in LOTRO that I have not played: Attack at Dawn. This was one of a pair of skirmishes added a few patches ago, that was meant to be somewhat more “challenging” than regular skirmishes.

Tonight, along with a friend, I ran it for the first time. Other than my soldier starting things off a little soon by attracting some aggro right at the start it went easy enough – though I believe both are soldiers are in pretty good shape by this point, as are we, which makes the entire thing run smoother of course. Also, we only ran it as Tier I since this was our first time through.

For those that do not know the skirmish basically takes the shape of an attack on Dol Dinen. You start at the bottom and work your way up, passing through various gates and the like. At one point you have to dodge incoming catapult stones which makes an interesting addition. In the final fight at the end, while taking down the boss and having flame pots lobbed at you, you also have to ensure no goblin scouts sneak out. This was not actually too difficult to do this time around.

All in all I think now we have done this skirmish once we are likely to do it occasionally again in the future, and maybe try to increase the difficulty. In the meantime though I am very much in pre-expansion mode for LOTRO, occasionally running a few deeds.  Of course the Harvest Festival has just launched, giving me something to else to do for a time.

  1. Heh, congrats on having tried out all skirmishes now. And oops. Harvest Festival? Another thing I need to check out! Anything new?

    • stnylan said:

      In terms of events, no. A new horse of course, and I think new cosmetics. To be honest though the way the Farmer’s Faire, Summer Festival, and Harvest Festival have all piled up leaves me a little festival’ed out in LOTRO at the moment.

      • Hehe, I’m not much of a fan of the festivals myself. I guess I’ve seen it all the past five years by now. If there are nice new cosmetics, I’ll have to go take a look and try it out, though.

      • stnylan said:

        Hehe, I am not so much for cosmetics. I still have my “winter” outfit I worked out from my first Winter festival. 🙂

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