I have just played my last game in the Stug III. In many respects it was a somewhat typical game for me in this tank – disappointing, ending with only damage to a few enemy tanks, no kills, and leaving me with the feeling I haven’t basically cracked this tank. It is possible, I suppose, it I were to retain it and get the camouflage skill up on the crew this tank would change.  My final tally is 59 matches with 27 victories for a win-rate of 45.77%. It was not all bad – I destroyed 82 opposing tanks and had a hit ratio of 78%. I also achieved 9 Sniper and 2 Top Gun medals. Nevertheless, all too often I seemed to be doing very little or almost nothing. Perhaps I was spoilt by the fun I had on the Marder II and Hetzer, but regardless I am selling it to acquire the Jagdpanzer IV.

The Jadgpanzer IV does not have a very good reputation, and everything I have read suggests that people consider it to be the weakest of the German Tank Destroyers for its tier. One commonly hears that the gun lacks penetration and the armour is very thin. I do not yet know about that. All I will say is that I did not find the M3 Lee deserved its disreputable reputation. I am, perhaps strangely, looking forward to seeing how things will stand with the Jagdpanzer IV.

NB: When I wrote this post the WoT Wiki was down, so I was unable to add in the links I usually do. I will try to add them later.


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