WoT: Allied Forces – Invasion of the Destroyers

This weekend’s special offer has been announced, and it runs from Friday morning until Tuesday morning. In the monthly calendar this was just described as “Invasion of the Destroyers”, so I was hoping to be able to get the Jagdpanzer IV at a discount. However it is has been slightly rebranded – and by Allied Forces it means Western Allies too as Soviet vehicles are also not included. Thus was are proffered a series of French and American Tank destroyers.

To begin with there are several tank destroyers on a 50% discount: S35-CA, ARL V39, AMX AC Mle. 1946, T49, M36 Slugger, T25 AT, and T25/2. There are a good range of tank destroyers here from Tier V to Tier VII, covering all three tank lines that feature in this offer. I might have hoped for the offer to include a Tier IV – that way I might have been able to the get the SAu-40 cheaply, but it is not to be.

Also included is a 60% bonus on credit earnings to the T49 and S35-CA, and a 30% credit bonus to the other tanks that are available in the discount. Extra credit earnings are always nice, but if fallible memory serves this is the first time that the discounted tanks and the credit bonus matches 100%.

That also wraps up the special offer.

My overall impression is they decided to use this offer to balance the Prototype Week, which was exclusively German; and the Ural Steel Finals, which were entirely Soviet. Unfortunately I find this a little disappointing given from what was written in the Calender I expected tank destroyers of all nations to feature. There also not much on offer here for players new to tank destroyers. Extending the discount and earnings to include some Tier III and Tier IV tanks would have made the appeal bigger and given opportunities to have the discount on some tanks, and bonus credits on another. Finally there is nothing in this offer to interest people who do not play mid-tier French and American tank destroyers. At the very least they might have included a discount on one of the regular cross-tank expenditures.

For all these reasons this is an offer which will not effect me at all, save in the fact I expect to see an above average number of French and German tank destroyers on the field of battle. As it happens I think I will be able to acquire the Jagdpanzer IV anyway.


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