Gaming: Paradox Strikes again

From 2002 until the spring of 2008 there was one company that dominated by gaming: Paradox Interactive. I got sucked into the Europa Universalis II, and then enjoyably played Hearts of Iron I, Victoria, Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron II, and Europa Universalis III. In February 2008 I started to play EVE Online, and in time my Paradox Interactive gaming petered out as I became fascinated by this new form of gaming.

Recently however a friend mentioned that he had been playing HoI3 … and it was not long before I started to feel an itch.

You see, I have found no company that does historical grand strategy games quite like Paradox do. The scope of the games is vast. In terms of potential time EU2 tells the tale from 1419 to 1820, for example. Each game covers a potential time slot – the EU series the period of Reformation and Revolution, Victoria the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Hearts of Iron covers World War 2.

So now on one hand I playing German tanks, on the other I am directing tank corps into Poland. The parallax view is quite interesting to say the least.

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  1. Bernard said:

    just you wait until the pasta lands in Libya :p

    (totally not related: the game i mentioned yesterday is “To the Moon” by Freebird Games (their website has a demo). It’s a good story but light on gameplay. however, given your personal situation I’d advise playing it when things are bad, if you get my drift.)

    And now back to the regular pasta shipments from the soft underbelly 😉

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