WoT: Ural Steel Finals Special

The Special offer for the Ural Steel Finals this weekend has now been announced for the EU server. It will run from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

To begin with there is x3 experience on the first victory of each vehicle each day, an always nice boost that will benefit all users.

We then have a whole slew of various heavy tanks on 50% discount. The tanks on offer are KV-1S, KV-2T-150, KV-3, IS, Panzer VI Tiger, Panzer VI Tiger P, M6, T29, ARL 44, and AMX M4(1945). This is, I believe, every non-premium Tier VI and VII heavy tank currently in the game. The tagline on this portion of the special offer is “We believe every garage needs more big heavies!” Certainly with this offer there is plenty of opportunity. I will not actually be partaking as I already have several of these in my garage, but certainly this is a great offer for those wishing to acquire a new heavy.

Finally there is another set of tanks with 50% bonus on credit earnings: Stug III, M10 Wolverine, Panzer V Panther, M4 Sherman, KV-1S, T-150, M6, and ARL 44. This is a nice addition spreading out the offer a little away from just the heavies, but nevertheless this is still a heavy-focused special offer. I will make use of the M4 offer a bit, and possibly even the Stug III.

Unlike the current offer which I felt was lacking a little in focus, this offer is clearly built around heavy tanks. All in all a solid offer.


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