WoT: Road to the Finals

In preparation for the final of a World of Tanks international championship that is called Ural Steel we know have a special offer running from today to early Saturday.

The first item on offer is a 50% discount on two Soviet tank destroyers, the Tier V SU-85 and Tier VI SU-100. I won’t be partaking of this simply as I do not (yet) have any Russian tank destroyers. The second item is a half-price sale on all equipment. I have bought an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive for my new Panzer B2 740f, but that is I think the only use I will make of this offer this time around. My primary credit aim is still to get the Jagdpanzer IV.

There is also a 50% discount on crew skills reset. At some point I am going to make use of this sort of special offer on my Marder II to swap some skills around so I can insert the Brothers in Arms perk. However, this is still not yet the time.

Finally and most wonderfully there is double crew experience for the duration of the offer. This makes me smile quite a bit, and I will definitely try to get some play time in on my Marder II. It is now taking me over 10k experience per % point to advance – so every little helps!

Ultimately though this particular offer doesn’t particularly excite me. It appears to be an offer more for an offer’s sake than with any particular theme. Don’t get me wrong, special offers are always “nice”, but this one feels a little flat even so.



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