LOTRO: Horsing around

This morning I finally completed the Horsing Around deed, a deed one gets as part of the Legendary edition of the Riders of Rohan expansion. Otherwise known as being trolled by the devs.

Why? Because it consisted of doing sixty activities with a particular horse that one can do as part of the Legendary pack. There are eight potential activities, split into two groups of four. You can do one of each group (chosen at random) per day. So two per day.

It was a long haul. The reward is a cosmetic cloak and a title. Hardly worth it. The kicker is, of course, that only those of us who put up more money than other folks get the dubious pleasure of the grind. We only have ourselves to blame, in other words. Well, we can also blame those trolling devs 🙂

Knowing all of this, of course, I still went ahead and grinded away. I mean, it is a deed, and I like trying to complete what deeds I can. Also it was perfect for small-segment gaming. Now though I am likely to go back to more regular deeding (currently killing stuff in Evendim, and then onto either Misty Mountains or Angmar) to work on those deeds whilst passing the time waiting for Rohan.


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