WoT: VK 3001 (P) – or another tank no one likes

You do not have to go very far on the World of Tanks forum to find people moaning about the VK3001P (this thread is a good example of someone asking for advice how to play – the very first reply is someone telling him to get rid of it). The more I play World of Tanks however the more I am becoming of the opinion that certain tanks just have a bad reputation.

Think of it like this. I personally do not like the Panzer 38 nA. I hated playing it. However, this does not mean it is a bad tank. I know full well I struggle with Tier IV light tanks. Some tanks are trickier to play successfully than others. That is fine. Learn how to do it though and they can become very enjoyable and successful – much like the M3 Lee was for me. Again, that is a tank with plenty of hate which I mostly found to be a lot of fun. Another factor seems to be that people allow the impression of the stock vehicle to colour their perceptions of the fully upgraded vehicle.

So far it seems to be that the VK3001P is following this trend.

This is the first of the German Tier VI mediums I have played, and it is a prototype tank. The designation is properly written as I have in the title of the post, but generally I simplify it to VK3001P. In the blurb accompanying the German Prototype special it explains how these designations work. VK apparently basically means prototype. The “30” refers to thirty tons. The “01” refers to it being version 1. Finally the P refers to the maker – in this case Porsche. Only a handful of prototypes were built.

I have found the tank to be a fairly effective sniper tank, able to inflict reasonable damage on most opponents, though it will need to have some careful aiming at Tier VIII tanks (or hit them from the side). In stock positioning is made more difficult by the tank’s slow speed, but once the engines are upgraded that lessens. It is not an agile tank however, so is not so successful in brawling (unless against lower tier tanks). The armour, other than in the front, is not all that good, and indeed in the rear is poor for a tank of its tier. This also makes it weak against the faster mediums and light tanks, so one has to be on ones toes.

All that said, get into a good position and you can make someone’s life very uncomfortable. Also, there are times when you can use the tank’s reputation against your opponents. On a couple of occasions now (and on plenty of occasions in the M3 Lee) I am sure enemies unwisely pressed an attack on the basis of the poor reputation of the tank I was in … and pay for it. Actually, in a game in which I was playing a completely different tank I did see someone mouth off about how he could not possibly have been killed by a VK3001P – it was quite funny.

I have not so far found this tank to be too obviously a grind. I have played 33 battles to upgrade it completely and have a win ratio of around 55%. I do not expect to keep this tank – after I have unlocked the Tiger P I will sell it and retrain the crew onto one of the other two German Tier VI mediums.


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