WoT Special: German Prototypes

There is another special currently running for World of Tanks (on the EU server) from now until next Tuesday, all focused on German Prototypes. Perhaps this is to make up for the fact that now German tanks featured in the Last Days of World War II special offer over the weekend 🙂 .However, just in case anyone complains there is nothing for them this week (because they don’t drive German tanks) there are also some non-nation specific offers.

Looking at those first – to begin with there is a discount on consumables. For gold consumables this is 25% and for regular consumables this is 50%. The gold ones do not interest me, and we had a regular consumable offer recently. Nevertheless time to stock up on those small repair kits!

There is also a 50% discount on extra garage slots. These usually cost 300 gold, so will now be at 150 gold. I will probably be getting a few extra slots from my current gold supply. I like playing a wide range of tanks, and will at some juncture wish to explore American heavies, American SPGs, both American TD lines, Russian TDs, French heavies, not to mention the British tanks when they are introduced. A few extra garage slots are thus required.

Now we get to the more German-centric portion of the special offer. There is a 50% discount on the three German Tier VI mediums – the VK3001H, the VK3601H, and the VK3001P; and also on the VK1602 Leopard and the VK3002DB – the Tier IV light and Tier VII medium tanks respectively. Of course, I recently bought the VK3001P and already have the Leopard, so I mostly miss out on this offer. I may potentially buy one of the other Tier VI mediums in preparation for playing it, but I will see how things go. One advantage of a week-long offer is that one does not have to decide too quickly.

The final part of the offer is a 125% credit earning bonus on the VK2801, the Panzer VI Tiger P, and GW Panther. This offer also extends to the Panzer VI Tiger itself which, although not a prototype, has a development history intimately connected with some of the other tanks featured. This part of the offer I will not benefit from – I have none of these tanks and do not anticipate getting any of them any time soon.

Even so, there appears to be a good spread of vehicles there. The only portion of the German tech tree not involved is the tank destroyer line – presumably because there are no prototype vehicles there: only two hypothetical vehicles (the Jagdpanther II and Jadgpanzer E-100) with all the other vehicles being historical. The bulk of this offer however is concentrated in the mid-tiers – only the two light tanks are not Tier VI and VII. To some extent therefore this is an offer for the slightly longer-term players who have gotten to that tier.



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