WoT: Farewell to the M3 Lee

Earlier today I elited the M3 Lee, and immediately sold it and replaced it with an M4 Sherman, pretty much as I said I would. My final impression of the Lee, after a final total of 79 battles, is that it is a much under-rated vehicle.

A quick run through the numbers for the M3 Lee:

79 battles (45 victories 34 defeats)
102 enemy tanks destroyed with a hit ratio of 70%
2 Top Guns, 1 Steel Wall, and 1 Sniper Battle Honours

Looking over the above, I think it is fair to say I ended up having a successful run with the Lee. Ultimately I stand by what I said in my former post on the Lee, that the only really aggravating thing about this tank is the massive recoil on the gun. However, even that started to become less of an issue as I begun to be better able to anticipate it. That allowed me to make proper use of the high rate of fire of its gun, which helped net me a few very nice kills.

By the end of it I had the crew fully trained at 100%. I did start them learning a new skill – rather I “saved up” the experience to use when I retrained them to the Sherman. As a result they start on the Sherman with 93% training, which is a nice little boost.

I am a little sad to see the M3 Lee leave. It is, despite the naysayers, a good little tank if you play to its strengths. Of course, that is the tricky bit.


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