WoT: Last Days of World War 2

This weekend’s special offer in World of Tanks is meant to celebrate (or commemorate) the end of the Pacific War, and thus the end of World War 2. The Pacific War isn’t really something World of Tanks captures, given there are no Japanese tanks as yet; the Chinese premium tanks in game are from after the war; and perhaps most crucially because tanks simply were not as large a feature of land warfare in the Pacific. Therefore the offers this week do not really have any over-arching theme, other than just being “cool”.

To start of with the first victory of the day in any vehicle will earn five times the ordinary experience, instead of the regular doubling. A very nice little addition that will mean some rapid advancement here and there!

Secondly there are a whole bunch of tanks on a 50% discount: T-34, T-34-85, IS, SU-76, M3 Stuart, M18 Hellcat, M10 Wolverine, M4 Sherman, Valentine, and Churchill. The last two are premium tanks. Both premium tanks I already have in my garage. Of the others I am all ready to get the M4 Sherman, and will sell off my M3 Lee to do so. With free experience I could complete research to get the T-34, but I am undecided whether to do so. I might give it a pass since I am getting stubborn about the A-20, and feel myself likely to struggle on until I research it the long way around. Otherwise there is a good range of tanks, including everything apart from artillery and Tiers III-VII.

Next up there are double credit earnings on the M4 Sherman, M4A3E2, T-34, and T-34-85. Given I will be purchasing the M4 and will start playing it (and hopefully that x5 experience for the first victory will make the initial upgrading a fairly swift affair) I will benefit a bit from this as well.

Finally there is a discount on 3 and 7 day premium account options, which I will be giving a miss as I have plenty of time to run on my premium account.

Looking through at this offer one overwhelming fact stands out to me – this could be called “Victor’s Parade” or something similar. No German tanks represented at all. The Russians and Americans are well represented – and via the lend-lease premium tanks in the Russian arsenal so are the British. I guess the French just do not get a look-in.

Anyway, this looks like another good offer. It runs from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning. Hopefully much carnage awaits!


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