LOTRO: Deeding together

This evening, after Melian went to sleep (a little later than usual as she was somewhat unsettled) my wife and I had a rare chance to play together for a time in LOTRO. We both have basically reached the end of the current solo content on both our mains – both Hunters. So we decided to do a little deeding. There are various deeds in LOTRO, but the ones that take longest to do are the slayer deeds. Slayer deeds have a first part that requires one to kill so many of a certain creature in a region, and a second part that generally requires one to kill twice as many of that certain creature of the first deed. The numbers involved start off 30 and 60, but can easily be 120/240. When one completes the second deed (or advanced deed, as they are called) one gets an increase to one of one’s virtues – a form of a character progression. One also gets 5 Tubine points for completing the first deed, and 10 for completing the advanced deed, which never goes amiss.

Tonight my wife and I decided to head to Enedwaith, to the Mournshaws, to cut a swathe through Wood-Trolls on the one hand and Elhudan on the other (though we generally just called them “glowing things” – descriptive and easier to pronounce).

My wife and I are not terribly efficient when we do slayer deeds – we keep running off to gather “stuffs” (ie, resource nodes). My character is a Forester, and hers is a Tinker, so there is no conflict over the “stuffs”. There we are, running around after a troll or something and suddenly one of us says “Stuffs!” and the character hurtles off in another direction – usually while the other character hurtles off in the opposite direction after different stuffs.

Basically we just had a really good time. The task we were doing was in itself fairly boring, but the company was excellent. Gaming with one’s best beloved is really the best gaming.

  1. That’s a sweet post. I wish my boyfriend could be arsed to deed together with me. ^^

    • stnylan said:

      Hehe. Well, if you played EVE I would suggest ganking him until he did, but LOTRO isn’t really that kind of game 🙂

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